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        1. 中文 (中國) English

          We attach great importance to the construction of human resources, recruit talents from all over the world, and employees are the most precious wealth. We know that the selfless dedication and efforts of each employee are the biggest driving force to promote the progress and development of the company. Our employees are young and hopeful. We expect excellent talents to join AIA Yi with wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity to meet opportunities and challenges with us. Our core values are: integrity, integrity, respect for others and co creation. While being honest, trustworthy and respectful to employees and customers, the company also requires every employee to be honest, trustworthy and respectful. The company respects every employee from different cultural backgrounds and provides them with good and safe working conditions and training and development opportunities.
          The company encourages every employee to participate in the company’s development and put forward constructive opinions and suggestions to improve the company’s performance. The success of the company depends on the teamwork, concerted efforts and full contribution of all employees.
          We have always advocated humanized management. In our human resources development work, we have always adhered to the talent concept of respecting, cultivating and achieving people, adhered to concept innovation and system innovation, created a fair, just and open atmosphere for talent growth and competition, and established a mechanism for respecting, cultivating and giving full play to personal potential, It ensures the perfect and harmonious unity between the development and growth of enterprises and the realization of personal maximum value.
          There is no best, only better. Our excellent team is better because of your joining. We look forward to your attention, Guochang company looks forward to your joining!!!

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